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05 March 2020

One of our clients, Cameron, has just started travel training with Journey’s Job Coaching team.  In Cameron’s words: ‘We are training so that I can get the bus to college and work placement”.  When asked what the benefits of this is, Cameron told us: “I will know where to get the bus and how to use public transport on my own... I will be able to travel on my own.”

Cameron has just started with the team and is ready for the challenge!

Our job coaching client, Charles, is passionate about beauty.  He has just completed some brilliant work experience with Boots, working on the make-up aisle, and is now ready for the next step.  His passion and enthusiasm shines through in every role he does and he can’t wait for what is to come next.

Alan works with our job coaching team. After experiencing a volunteering placement, he was not happy in, we supported Alan to get involved in something he is more passionate about.  With his love of dogs and animals in general, he is now doing some work with Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter. In Alan’s words: “I really enjoy the work I do.”


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