catching up on films and tv with elizabeth

12 May 2020

Our Coundon client Elizabeth lives at home with her mam, dad and younger sister Bethany. Elizabeth also has some pets, Honey her Chihuahua dog and three cats.


Elizabeth is coping well with the lockdown as she has the support from her family, however she is missing her brother Adam a great deal. She has not seen him since March due to the lockdown. Adam, Elizabeth’s brother moved out in October last year which was a change for Elizabeth also.



Elizabeth understands the need to keep herself and others safe by staying at home. She has been keeping herself busy by exercising with her mam going for walks and enjoying the fresh air. The village where Elizabeth lives in is rural and has lots of lovely areas to access for her walks.


Weather permitting Elizabeth likes to sit in her garden. She has also accessed the local shop with her mum (dad was at work) nether the less she was fully prepared with a face mask and ensured the social distancing 2 metre rule was applied.


To keep herself busy Elizabeth has been doing lots of arts and crafts including making scrap books with favourite anime characters. She has been drawing and colouring in to. With support from mam, Elizabeth has signed up to the Disney channel and has manager to watch some of her favourite movies. Elizabeth has enjoyed accessing Netflix to vampire watch boxsets. Elizabeth really enjoys to be pampered this includes getting her nails done, her hair washed and blow dried as well as her make up done. During lockdown Elizabeth has done her own hair and makeup daily to make herself feel better.



Elizabeth has been helpful around the house, doing the dishes, tidying up and making lots of tea and coffee for her family. She has been sorting the laundry out and putting her clean clothes away.  Elizabeth has been doing some baking with mam which she enjoys.

Elizabeth keeps in contact with her friends and talks to them regularly including her boyfriend Dean. She cannot wait to return to Journey to see everyone. Elizabeth likes to catch up with Life’s skills coach Sallie when she rings frequently to check how things are going. 



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